Barcelona’s Cards

Embrace, awakening, darkness, ecstasy, water, moon, garden, anxiety, steam, crying, endearing, romance… These are 12 of the 250 concepts that compose Barcelona’s Cards.

Barcelona’s Cards were created by Franc Aleu and illustrator Peret, and were integrated from the beginning to The dream as a tool of inspiration to enhance creativity.

These 250 flashcards are authentic visual poems, iconic prints with a great magnetism, created to illustrate a concept, a word or an idea. Flashcards foradding, removing, playing, for choosing them randomly or according to each other’s taste, helping to open one’s  mind for inspiration, for imagination, for trendsetting or questioning… for creation.

L’Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council), with the clear ambition to go further, to evolve towards a prosperous and culturally enriching future, endorses these cards in the world to position Barcelona as a city symbol of commitment to innovation’s culture, with the spirit of stimulating thoughts, ideas, commitments and realities.

Come and discover a new flashcard every day!