Sílvia Pérez Cruz, a siren’s voice

Sílvia Pérez Cruz als teclats dels "robots Polliwogs"

Sílvia Pérez Cruz plays “robots Pollybogs


On 19 February Sílvia Pérez Cruz visited the RocaLab, the creation workshop set up by Franc Aleu’s team, where the musical and visual sections of El somni were produced. The 2013 winner of the Goya Award for Best Original Song for “No te puedo encontrar”, from the film Blancanieves, will take part in Act 4, Under the Sea, putting the music and voice to the siren’s songs. The voice of Astrid, the main character, when she adopts the form of one of the mythological creatures that tried to seduce first Jason, and then Ulysses (Odysseus). Ulysses listened to the seductress’s song while he was tied to the mast of his ship, while Jason and his Argonauts managed to save themselves thanks to the music of Orpheus, who drowned out the singing of the sirens with the chords of his lyre.


During her visit, Sílvia Pérez Cruz met Wolfgang Mitterer, the Austrian composer and musician who was working with his Pollywogs and preparing his participation in the project. Mitterer is the author and, together with Carlos Fesser, the performer of the music in Act 9, War. The actress sat at the keyboards used for programming the Pollywog robots.

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