Wolfgang Mitterer puts the music to war



The celebrated Austrian composer and musician Wolfgang Mitterer, a reference when it comes to electronic and conceptual music, has spent several days in Girona and Barcelona to finalise the instrumental arrangements for the work he has composed for El somni. He brought his musical score for robots for War, Act 9 of El somni. And, after contact with the “Pollywog robots” in Girona, together with Carlos Fesser, and the organ at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música, he has decided to revise his score. So he is going to prepare a new robotic base, together with Fesser. He was recorded playing the monumental organ at the Palau de la Música and those notes will be incorporated into the electronic base and added to the sound of the “Pollywogs“. And, while the chords of Mitterer’s composition are played, the poem Warcant, written by the thinker and poet Rafael Argullol, will be recited.

During his visit, Franc Aleu accompanied Mitterer to El Celler de Can Roca, where he was able to try goose royale with a blood orange and beetroot sauce, the bloody dish for Act 9, War . Serving this dish is a performance, in which the waiters serve part of the dish, representing blood, with pipettes that bombard it in blood red. The result is suggestive, with an eloquent finale. What remains of the food on the plate evokes a painting that it would not be out of place to title “the disasters of war”. Referring to the destruction, Wolfgang Mitterer reflected on beauty: “By destroying beauty, a new beauty is created.”

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