Carlos Fesser

Pianist and sound designer - Sevilla (Spain)

"In an imagined world, the machines share our dream to aspire to what we can not see, touch or count."

Born in Seville, began studying piano at the Conservatory of Music in his hometown under the direction of Pilar and Elena Orobio Bilbao. Completes a self-taught higher education taking private lessons and advice from teachers Stanislav Bogunia, Bretislav Novotny (Prague) and Carlos Cebro (Paris).

At the beginning, he works in musical composition and sound postproduction for media until he moves to Barcelona to study the Master in Digital Arts at the Pompeu Fabra University. Since then, he directs its activity to sound design and sound editing in film, television and sound installations. For a decade he has been collaborating with Roland Olbeter in the development of robotic musical instruments.

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