Elena Katz Chernin

Composer - Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

""The dream" is a place of infinite possibilities for music. Sounds merge the top of the conscience and the miracle of the earth. There is a magic to not recognize the real from the surreal. The rhythm and melody are combined as a random input and paradise."

She studied music in Moscow, Sydney and Hanover. She has created jobs in almost all genres of music, from opera to works for Roland Olbeter robotic instruments and a full scale choral symphony. Her music has been presented at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Sydney (2000) and in the Rugby World Cup. She has received several awards including the Helpmann Award (2004) and Limelight Award (2012).

The piece Russian Rag was used as the theme for the character Max from the animation film Mary and Max directed by Adam Elliot and winner of the Academy Award. The theme Eliza Aria achieved much popularity as it was used by British television spots of Lloyds TSB. Lastly, stands out the launch of EKC the double CD Blue Silence with her works for string quartet Vexations 840.

It is a benchmark for the Australian Music Centre, an organization that promotes and supports music creators and performers.

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