Ilona Schneider

Coloratura soprano - Roses (Spain)

"Dream, of dream... it is a kind of abstraction towards the exterior, thanks to the senses, thanks to this existing dream."

Ilona Schneider studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona and the Sorbonne in Paris, graduating in 2000. She studied singing at the National Conservatory of Versailles, where she was awarded first prize in 2008. She took part in a European tour in 2007, in the Carles Santos show, Fervor de la perseverança, and in 2008 performed in Jules Massenet’s opera Cendrillon , and Pascal Collasse’s Astrée at the Teatre Montansier de Versailles. Her <em>coloratura</em> soprano register has brought her roles in works such as Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana and Mozart’s Magic Flute. She has also taken part in performances, soundpainting and improvisation in various formats.

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