Luesma Vega

Artists and craftsmen glassblowers and potters - Barcelona (Spain)

"Our contribution goes beyond the creation of dishes modeled for "The dream", props that must communicate, represent and materialize part of the narrative experience."

Gallery and workshop involving Luesma Ester and Xavier Vega, located in El Pueblo Español, in Barcelona, that contains an exhibition of objects and glass art. They Developed dishes at El Bulli with the designer Luki Huber, Albert Raurich and Ferran Adrià. As well as other dishes for haute cuisine among which, stand out El Celler de Can Roca, Mugaritz and Diverxo apart from other restaurants. Their creations transcend the material so that the viewer forgets what and how the object is made in order to produce emotions free of dramatic effects. They have the recognition of awards like Emerge 2012, Bullseye Gallery (Portland), the Museum of Modern Art in New Mexico, international awards for design and innovation in Catalonia of the School of Design. His work has been selected for the Biennial of Art in Marinha Grande (Portugal), the National Crafts Awards and other prestigious institutions like the Bullseye Gallery.


Ester Luesma

She studied at the Massana School specializing in ceramics. Since 1990 she followed various studies of made glass techniques with Miriam di Fiore, Ronald Labelle, Frank van den Ham, Toots Zinsky, Silvia Levenson and Vasicek Wings.


Javier Vega Ortega

He studied two years of Fine Arts in Barcelona and blown glass in the center of glass in Barcelona Also different techniques Mario Rossi, Egidio Constantini, Yoichi Oir, Miriam di Fiore, and Kimiake Shinichi Higuchi.

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