Maria València

Dancer - Olot (Catalonia)

"The Dream is waking up, constant fantasy, sensorial pleasures, orgasms... The Dream is and will be beauty heard, seen, smelled, tasted intensely... unleashing states in us we may still be unaware of."

She was born impatient to dance. Her first little dance steps were sevillanas, when she learned to make her skirt fly and tap her feet. At the age of seven she put on some four-wheeled roller skates and entered the world of artistic roller skating, both individual and group.

For her the latter marked the start of a long and intense journey. She joined a show group, with twenty skaters led by teacher Ricard Planiol. They can boast of being five-time European champions, three-time world champions, competing all round Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Argentina, California and Australia.

At the age of 21 she hung up her skates to continue dancing. She joined Àrea, a dance and creation school, where she spent three years to broaden her knowledge of every kind of dance style. At the same time she was involved with El Timbal, the Basic Theatre and Performance School in Barcelona. In 2008 she went to Granada to train as a hospital clown with the Titiritas company and the Remiendo Teatro school.

The same year she took part in the 2nd International Festival of Movement, Contact and Improvisation, while in Berlin she participated in the Improvisational Voice & Movement Festival, and danced at various schools there: Tanzfabrik and Dock 11, among others. In March 2009 she and the amateur company Mumuda participated in the Festival Dona’09 in Reus (International Working Women’s Day) in a piece against domestic violence. Also in 2009 she played Juliet in a video chase round the streets of Barcelona, in the EMAV production “Romeo i Julieta” .

At the end of the summer in 2009, she arrived in Girona to start work as a waitress in El Celler de Can Roca. At the same time she has continued her contemporary dance training at the Cont-Class school.

She takes advantage of her holidays to take part in all the dance days and festivals she can. And now she has danced for El somni.

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