Pere Gifre / Daniel Molina

Sculptors - Roses (Spain)

GIFRE Collective

In 2009, it started a collaboration between elBulli and GIFRE Collective (Pere Gifre and Daniel Molina) to design new ways of serving food. This project meant the research and investigation of a creative methodology adapted to the technical and artistic challenges in the design field.

“The borders in the world of the visual arts have been broken for decades. If a creative cook / artist was selected to go to one of the most important art events in the world and could not make it because people would actually visit  his restaurant/ creative lab in Roses from Kassel Documenta (Germany), it is a sure sign that new paths have been opened.

GIFRE Collective through the concept of Biomimicry has represented what we thought it was impossible interfaces in which he’s placed what we call “food” and which has now become much more ephemeral, too.

This collaboration has partly achieved a better relationship between nature and l’Empordà, generating a particular environment for developing creativity, which has long been exploited by great artists such as Marcel Duchamps, Josep Pla or Salvador Dali, and has also served as inspiration to many others.

The result is a complicated puzzle of interrelated techniques to turn the impossible into a reality through the observation of the natural world: the atmospheric elements, the behavior of a nebula, the force of a hurricane or the impact of water onto the ground on a rainy day… natural forces that can be captured and transferred to another reality: from the real world into the binary, joining the natural and the artificial, reversing the order and chaos, the creation and destruction”. Ricard Planas Camps (Art curator).

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