Graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor and stage designer - Barcelona (Spain)

"The images that I suggest in the Barcelona's Cards, are not a mere transcription of a concept, an idea or a word, they are opened and polysemic visual metaphors which, when randomly selected form a support made of the same material of which dreams are made and allow us to articulate a narrative."

He began his training at the Escuela Massana of Barcelona and at the studio Josep Pla in Narbonne. In 1970 he moved to Paris where he worked as a designer and illustrator in different studios and practicing as a freelance for advertisers and publishers. In 1977 he returned to Barcelona and became art director and illustrator of Grup Z. After two years he established his studio and works with publishers, advertising agencies, public institutions and various media I (TVC, Barcelona Television, Inf’HO Hospitalet TV and Canal +).

Published in La Vanguardia since 1984 and also for El Pais, El Periódico, El Mundo, Libération, Courrier International, Domus, Abitare and The New York Times. In 1989, he starts to be known internationally when working for companies and institutions in Japan, Germany, China, Netherlands, Italy, England, USA, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, France and Mexico.

He collaborated with the Olympic Games Barcelona 92, and with the international exhibitions: Sevilla (1992), Hannover (2000), Zaragoza (2008), Shanghai (2010), with the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Centro Dramático Nacional, the UOC, the CCCB and with the Government Mexico City. He has made 16 solo exhibitions (Spain, France, Japan and Mexico) and participated in hundreds of group exhibitions in 24 countries.

Recipient of several Laus ADG-FAD, a Silver Promax Award Festival (1998), Marc Marti Awards for posters (2002, 2003 and 2006) and the National Design Award 1998.

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