Sergio Caballero

Composer and artist - Barcelona (Spain)

"If you play Bach on a Stradivarius, you feel Bach. What we wanted was to feel the physics of Stradivarius sound within it."

Co-director and head of the image of the Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art Sonar. His creativity and artistic interest has been shown in many different fields, such as electronic composition, art or conceptual art, and has largely resulted in the always controversial and powerful Sónar image campaigns.

With Pau Nubiola and Marcelí Antúnez founded the plastic terrorist group Els Rinos (1985-1992), the first targets revolved around the graffiti.Later his activity extended to other formats, from action painting to video performance, concert and mural installation. In the early 90s, along with Enric Palau, he created the electronic music group “Jumo”.

They received many collaborations with artists and groups such as Victor Nubla, La Fura dels Baus, Zush or Peanut Pie, among others. In the field of visual arts, has several solo exhibitions as Sergio Caballero famoso en el mundo entero. He debutes as film director with Finisterrae (2010) winner of the Golden Tiger in the International Film Festival of Rotterdam and screened in over 60 festivals.

Since 2004 Caballero forms a tandem with composer Pedro Alcalde, with whom he created six musical compositions for the National Dance Company directed by choreographer Nacho Duato.

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