Jordi, Josep and Joan Roca photography by David Ruano

Jordi, Josep and Joan Roca photography by David Ruano


the Roca brothers

We are not artists, we are goldsmiths. Within the magnitude of the messages that from the kitchen can be projected, there is always a sense of proudness, even vain, of the anxiety of knowing and showing. It is inherent in our consciousness … The brothers Roca have always been very curious; and curiosity is the beginning of creativity. Creativity is an act of therapy, healing and reconciliation. And not necessarily related to the science of food. There is a creativity that is an attitude, a perspective, a way of being in life: pure creation. The way of creating life is an adventure every day begins over and over. We assume that there is no perfect work, but you have to find this dish that is still missing, that we have not yet found.

If there is something enriching in such sweet moment, right now from a creative standpoint, we want to shine even more through the collaboration with other people with open mind and who approach our world with freshness and innocence. Receiving and giving. Giving and receiving. We believe we can move this feedback in a two-way basis. And we feel compelled to do so. We assume, therefore, the challenge of establishing a place that will host thinkers, people don’t need to be artists, a place to create a breeding ground for opened thinking in all lines: scientists, actors, musicians, designers, young people around the world, from all areas of knowledge and culture. Thinking, listening, watching, entangling, enriching, admiring and targeting objectives … We favor this cocktail of nonconformity, and cross-intentioned. We know that shared values get mobilized and amplified. And we want to be proactive along the way to facilitate this exchange. This place we have in mind – The CellerLAB- will allow us to contact with world-class people with whom to create moments of beauty and while picking tools for cultural, educational and social purposes. Creating el somni.

From El Celler de Can Roca, we want to be attractive to talent and to push the engine of creativity.The dialogue, the permeability and flow of invention will fertilize our creative field.Artisans, industrial engineers, painters, photographers, filmmakers, musicians, chemists, poets, writers, illustrators, psychologists, physicians, perfumers, anthropologists sensory artists of all kinds come, increasingly, with permeability, in our fertile field. We leverage synergies to grow and thicken our discourse with embellishment, with sending a cool and well seasoned message. The cooperation will become increasingly necessary. We need to open new frontiers of science, art and thought, and the kitchen can make enriching use of it .

Aesthetics in the table, meaning and coherence with an idea gives us bridges of dialogue and realization of a piece of work done to seduce. We can take advantage of this symbiosis and tie with objects or specific dishes with such brainstorming. We demonstrate the benefits of cross-disciplinary dialogue .We want to be facilitators of the expansion of ideas.

We will continue chasing the dream….

Joan, Josep i Jordi Roca

JOAN ROCA. Chef (Girona, Catalunya).

Joan Roca_1El somni is a tribute to Vatel from the XXI Century

He trained at the Girona School of Hotel Industry and Tourism, and later in the family restaurant owned by his parents, Can Roca, with her mother in the kitchen. Worked at El Bulli (Roses), El Raco de Can Fabes (Sant Celoni), Georges Blanc (Vonnas, France) and Galvin (Mexico City).

Since 1986 he runs together with his brothers Josep and Jordi, El Celler de Can Roca awarded three Michelin stars and considered the second best restaurant in the world. The concept of the cuisine is based on the Catalan tradition and unexplored paths as recent research nuclear springs of taste, the wine, the land, the aromas and flavors. He has received numerous awards that support his professional strength and shine like the National Award for Best Chef awarded by the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy (2000), the Award for Best Chef of the Year by the guide The Best of Gastronomy Rafael García Santos (2000), the Award for Technical Innovation or conceptual guide for the Best of Gastronomy (2004).

JOSEP ROCA. Sommelier (Girona, Espanya).

Josep Roca_2El somni to explore the limits of the anthropologic ability of humans about the knowhow of feelings. Wrapped with the beauty of cross-discipline creative vanguard, with thinking and good taste.

He trained at the Girona School of Hotel Industry .He is a sommelier or wine waiter, as he likes to be defined, and owner with his brothers Joan and Jordi, of the restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, awarded three Michelin stars. El Celler de Can Roca, the Moo at Hotel Omm in Barcelona, ​​Numun at Hotel Palau de Bellavista at Girona and Mas Marroch banquetes are his working occupations.

Also devotes his time to outreach and training. Advisor and expert in wine displays like in “En Clau de vi” of Televisió de Catalunya. He runs a course of sommeliers with Fundació Universitat de Girona and Girona Hotel Industry School. Gets a National Gastronomy Award for Best Maître de Sala (2004) and Best Sommelier (2010), the Academy Award for Best International Sommelier (2005 and 2011) and the Medal for Merit in Tourism by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.


JORDI ROCA. Pastry Chef (Girona, Catalunya).

Jordi_fons cuina2

We dared to close the eyes in order to forget the references and to be able to open them later in the kitchen of possibilities. We awakened in el somni that can change our lives.

Jordi Roca lived throughout his childhood and youth surrounded by food, first in his parents’ restaurant, Can Roca, then at the restaurant of their brothers Joan and Josep, El Celler de Can Roca. He studied at the Girona School of Hotel Industry and when finished he joined The Celler team.Here in the pastry and desserts section, gets to know Damian Allsop who makes him discover the secret of the craft of pastry. In 2000 when Allsop left El Celler, Jordi became the manager of the restaurant desserts.Seven years later, he published Dolces Sensacions (Ara llibres), a collection of sweet recipes created especially for the magazine Cocina.

He was won several awards, among which stand out the award to Best Pastry Chef of the year (2003), conceded by the guide Lo Mejor de la Gastronomia, the award to Best Pastry Chef of  Girona (2004), the Guía Gourmetour also conceded him with the Best Desert Menu and the Best Deserts (2005), the award to the Best Desert conceded by the blog Salsa de Chiles ABC (2007) and the award Paco Torreblanca as Best Pastry Chef 2010 by the Real Academia de la Gastronomia.