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Jordi, Josep & Joan Roca by David Ruano

The Roca brothers – Joan, Josep and Jordi – were the main figures at the highest-attended event at the Fòrum Gastronòmic Girona 2013, on Sunday 24 February: the gastronomic presentation of El somni. Their talk, the “Emotional Revolution”, was the centrepiece of the El somni presentation in the main hall of Girona’s conference centre, the Palau de Congressos, to the world of gourmet food, gathered there to learn all about it.

Expectations were high. From the moment the three Roca brothers appeared in the hall, full to bursting, they were received with the unbridled enthusiasm usually reserved for rock stars on stage. Because the motto of this all-embracing work says it all: “An opera in 12 courses, a banquet in 12 acts.” A GastrOpera!

The gastronomic presentation of this work, directed by Franc Aleu, was one of the parts of this opera in 12 courses that had aroused the most interest. The Roca brothers offered some explanations for the choice of each course thought up for the twelve acts and the prelude, and the wines selected by Josep. On the subject of wine Josep warned he could not say anything until his brothers had made their final decision on the courses: “you have to have tried them, although some have already been chosen”. In fact, on our website it is already possible to consult the courses Joan and Jordi are planning and the wines Josep has thought of to accompany them.

The brothers stressed this is a dream inspired by François Vatel and the emotions he strove to conjure up with his banquets, and Richard Wagner with his operas. They recognised how moved and excited they were when the project started to take off.

Josep Roca took the opportunity to talk about the possibilities of interaction between El somni and the Temporada Alta, one of Europe’s major autumn stage festivals.

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