Conceived completely as an opera, as the merger of all artistic talents, el somni has its climax with a dinner. We understand Supper Cenae as the first step in the creation of culture. Dinner, sleep, dream and wake up the next day with a hangover and eye booger or in the Eternity.

To see the 12 acts.

In Western culture, banquets have been part of the imaginary and transcendental points in the history of mankind. The Banquet, Treat or Symposium, of Plato, brought together thinkers like Socrates and Pausanias, or the playwright Aristophanes, at Agathon’s house, where they talked about love (of the famous Platonic love) as engine of knowledge and road to understand the beauty in all its forms and meanings. Also needs to be mentioned the Last Supper, a start point and an initiation dinner many times represented in the art world.

Above any historical or banquet or dinner, we praise the festival organized by Francois Vatel in the time of Le Roi Soleil (The Sun King).Born Vatel Karl Fritz, he stood out as master of ceremonies, an innovator in the art of holding and the use of cross-disciplines when designing a ceremony. He not only chose the menus, he also organized the supplies and oversaw the preparation of dishes, decided the layout and decoration of the tables and lounges, orchestrated the work of service, personnel and chose the entertainments for guests. He lived in the time of Louis XIV and was hired to organize the castle of Nicolas Fouquet, Marquis and Viscount who became France’s finance superintendent. He organized a glorious banquet. There had to be everything and very fresh, but the fish was brought late. He felt failed and committed suicide, but had established the foundations of the culinary protocol.

Dinner as the central act of el somni, also represents a starting point for the world of art.

The Dinner of the el somni is also encoded in base twelve: 12 is a number that is repeated in the 12 acts that divides the opera, 12 courses, 12 selected wines and the 12 guests that sit around a table as the circle in which divides 12 hours of a clock or twelve times each year the moon revolves around the earth. Symbol of the cosmic order and flow-writing, perfection and unity with 12 zodiac signs representing 12 constellations through which the earth moves seeking the sun every year, every 12 months, is twelve noon and midnight; is the dozen eggs, or the twelve apostles.

The twelve guests will have twelve dishes created by Joan and Jordi Roca, and paired with wines chosen by Josep Roca, twelve reflections of thinkers and poets, twelve songs, twelve videos, twelve plates, twelve ideas and a card game spread on each One of the twelve acts of this dinner, this opera in twelve dishes. All creations of the audiovisual content that will be screened articulate a libretto designed by Franc Aleu together with El Celler de Can Roca, developed from a powerful creative tool: Barcelona’s Cards, ​​a joint creation with the illustrator Peret. Also with the participation of “Pollywogs” musicians robots created by mechanical engineer and designer Roland Olbeter. These are ciborgmusicplayers are the resident string quartet, and accompaniment based musical creations commissioned several composers. These mechanical creatures sound without any player touching them and are able to compose musical variations themselves.

Dinner will be in a multimedia dome, presided over by the table of twelve. It will be circular, 240 cm in diameter and will have a speaker system under the tablecloth that will emit the sound of the images projected on the surface. All around, surrounding four screens projecting images enhanced by speakers that create an energetic atmosphere with a sound dimension.

Various artists, composers, designers, set designers, inventors, filmmakers, thinkers, scientists, musicians and poets are behind this complete and artistic project , of this interactive audiovisual experience, of this gastroperistic piece opening.

The opening of the GastrÒpera, el somni, has been scheduled for 6 May 2013 the faculty of Arts Santa Monica, Las Ramblas, Barcelona.