One of the basic tools of Visual Lab, where the twelve acts of dining are developed, is Kinect, a movement detector permitting interaction with a computer without any physical contact; it works using only audio, video and infrared depth sensors. Jose Vaaliña, the RocaLab  I.T. sound technician and head technician at Visual Lab, has developed the programme “the kinèctic dream”, an exclusive application for el somni (the dream) which will detect the hand movements of customers and waiters at the table where the dishes are.

Jose Vaaliña who in the photo shows how Kinect works, affirms that this will be the year of kinetic animation. This technology was invented in 2005, but Kinect didn’t come onto the market as a peripheral for Microsoft domestic consoles until November 2010, allowing video game control with just body movements. In 2012, it made its appearance as a PC peripheral and now the developers have had access to models that have allowed them to progress beyond games. Today, Kinect already has uses beyond games, such as scanning objects for 3D models, architecture and industry, security, capturing movement without special clothing, commerce and fashion.

There are two Kinects for the dinner, with which Vaaliña will activate audio and video events, according to the presence of the diners detected with the reality sensors. Jose Vaaliña explains that “the sensation will be real”, but he didn’t want to reveal what they will be doing, nor what will be on view nor what sensations they intend to produce. The I.T. professional warns that “you can only interact with a dream when you have a lucid dream” and that “the kinèctic dream” governing the Kinects will play a fundamental role.

The exclusive programme for el somni (the dream) has various parts, the most common being the virtual interaction areas situated at the tables, above the plate, so it can detect when hands are there and activate the programmed events. Each Kinect will be able to control and detect six pairs of hands –the hands of the diners–, as well as those of the waiters who are serving the dinner.

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